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 +[[ctcp]] //<​target>//​ utc //<time value>//
 +This "​inline"​ CTCP request includes a timestamp as the argument. ​ This
 +timestamp is the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch, the same as is used by
 +the [[PING]] command. ​ The receiver'​s client will expand the timestamp to the
 +receiver'​s own locale-dependent time representation.
 +Older clients have been vulnerable to bugs that crashed when this ctcp was
 +supplied with a maliciously crafted //<time value>//,​ so if you try to use this
 +feature with a stranger, they will probably assume you are attacking them and
 +will react with hostility.
 +Let's say that you wanted to tell another user when you went away.
 +When they send you a message, you send a notice back which includes
 +the UTC of your departure:
 + alias away {if (@) {@away_time=time()};//​away}
 + on #^msg -1 * {if (A) {notice $0 Away since ^AUTC $away_time^A}}
 +# $EPIC: ctcp_utc.txt,​v 1.3 2006/07/24 19:50:14 sthalik Exp $
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