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 +[[admin]] \\ 
 +[[admin]] <​server>​ \\ 
 +[[admin]] <​nickname>​ \\ 
 +This is a [[pass-through command]].
 +It requests information about who runs the irc server and how you can 
 +contact them (usually by email.)
 +If you don't specify any arguments, your local server will be queried.
 +If you specify a remote server, it will be queried instead.
 +If you specify another irc user, that user's server will be queried.
 +Some servers restrict or limit your ability to query remote servers.
 +You may get an error message, or you may get nothing at all in response.
 +You should never programmatically wait on a remote server reply.
 +To get the administrative information of JoeBob'​s server:
 +      /admin joebob
 +To get the administrative information of server​
 +      /admin
 +The [[admin]] command first appeared in ircII.
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