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 +# $EPIC: autoget.txt,​v 1.3 2007/02/27 04:57:37 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] autoget \\
 +/autoget \\
 +/autoget <​pattern>​ \\
 +/autoget -<​pattern>​ \\
 +/autoreget \\
 +/autoreget <​pattern>​ \\
 +/autoreget -<​pattern>​ \\
 +/autoreject \\
 +/autoreject <​pattern>​ \\
 +/​autorejrect -<​pattern>​ \\
 +The /AUTOGET, /AUTOREGET, and /AUTOREJECT commands take patterns that are 
 +matched against filenames
 +or nick!user@hosts that offer you files. ​ You can remove an autoget pattern
 +by prefixing it with a hyphen. ​ You can only remove patterns exactly that
 +you added; there is no wildcard matching your patterns.
 +The /AUTOGET command automatically does a [[dcc get]] whenever someone
 +offers you a file that does not already exist; when either that someone
 +(nick!user@host) or that file is matched by any of the patterns in your
 +autoget list.  The /AUTOGET file will not autoget files if they already
 +The /AUTOREGET command automatically does a [[dcc resume]] whenever someone
 +offers you a file that you already have, but is smaller than the file that
 +the other person is offering you, and a [[dcc close]] whenever the file you
 +have is as big (or bigger) than what is offered.
 +The /AUTOREJECT command automatically does a [[dcc close]] whenever someone
 +offers you a file.
 +The /​AUTOCLOBBER command takes two arguments, the action to take when 
 +someone offers you a file you already have.  The first argument is the 
 +action to take when you have a file smaller than what is offered, and
 +the second argument is the action to take when you have a file that is the
 +same size or larger than what is offered. ​ The "​GET"​ handler does a 
 +[[dcc get]] and replaces your file with the offered one; the "​RESUME"​
 +handler does a [[dcc resume]] for the file, and "​RENAME"​ renames the local
 +file by appending a string to its filename, and then does a [[dcc get]].
 +The default behavior is "​RESUME CLOSE"
 +The autoget script firat appeared in epic4-1.1.1.
 +The autoget script was greatly enhanced in epic4-1.1.8.
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