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 +AWAY has three flags, and an optional "away message"​.
 +If you specify the "away message",​ you become "​away"​.
 +If you do not specify the "away message",​ you become "not away".
 +If you do not specify a flag, -one is the default.
 +^ Usage ^ Explanation ^
 +| [[away]] -one I'm Not Here | Become "​away"​ on the current server |
 +| [[away]] -one | Become "not away" on the current server |
 +| [[away]] -all Eating Dinner | Become "​away"​ on every server you're connected to, with "​Eating Dinner"​ as your away message |
 +| [[away]] -all | Become "not away" on every server you're connected to |
 +| [[away]] -- -This message has dashes- | Become "​away"​ on the current server (when your message begins with a dash) |
 +When you are away from irc, you might want other people to know about it.
 +You can tell the server you are away from irc, and it will send a message to anyone who tries to contact you.
 +While you are away:
 +  * The [[set STATUS_AWAY]] expando (%A) will display in your status bar using the value of [[set STATUS_AWAY]] (which is "​(away)"​ by default).
 +  * If someone sends you a message, the server will send them your away message.
 +  * If someone [[WHOIS]]es you, the server will include your away message in the reply.
 +  * If someone [[WHO]]s you or a channel you are on, your "​away"​ status will be "​G"​ (for "​G"​one),​ instead of "​H"​ (for "​H"​ere).
 +  * If [[set BEEP_WHEN_AWAY]] is ON, your display will be beeped each time someone sends you a message.
 +  * If [[set AUTO_UNMARK_AWAY]] is ON, and you send a message or notice to someone else, the [[AWAY]] command will be run automatically to let the server know that you have returned.
 +Of note:
 +  * You will be AWAY until you run [[away]] without an away message.
 +  * The client will resend your AWAY message if you are disconnected and reconnect to a server.
 +  * You can have different AWAY messages for each server.
 +  * Being away on one server does not automatically make you AWAY on any new servers you connect to.
 +  * Some networks don't send your AWAY message after a netsplit, so this is not a reliable feature.
 +  * The traditional (server-side) limit for AWAY messages is 80 characters.
 +If you don't want to see other people'​s away messages each time you send them a message,
 +you can load the newaway script (/LOAD newaway) and you will see each person'​s away message only once.
 +To mark yourself away:
 +      /away I'm not here right now, I'll be back soon
 +To mark yourself away on all servers:
 +      /away -all I'm in the shower, back in 10 minutes
 +To remove your away status on one server:
 +      /away
 +To remove your away status on all servers:
 +      /away -all
 +The [[away]] command first appeared in ircII.
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