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 +# $EPIC: bind_send_line.txt,​v 1.4 2006/10/01 23:54:18 jnelson Exp $
 +[[bind]] <key> send_line
 +This operation submits the contents of the input line for processing.
 +This is the ordinary operation of the <​enter>​ key.
 +Usually the input buffer contains either a line of text, which is sent to
 +to the current window'​s current target, or a command, which is executed in
 +the context of the current window.
 +However, if there is a model prompt (usually caused by the [[input]] command),
 +then the contents of the input buffer are sent to that prompt'​s callback.
 +======More technical:​======
 +1) If the window'​s hold mode is ON, and the window is holding output, the window'​s display is unheld
 +2) If there is a modal prompt, that modal prompt'​s callback is run
 +3) If there is not a modal prompt, the input line is cleared
 +4) Then [[on input]] is hooked
 +5) Then if [[on input]] is not grabbed, the input line is parsed as with the [[sendline]] command.
 +6) If the window'​s hold mode is ON, but the window is not holding output, then the hold mode counter is reset.
 +7) If the window'​s hold mode is ON, and you are in the scrollback view, a scroll_forwards is done.  This allows you to hit <​enter>​ to catch up.
 +This keybinding first appeared in ircII.
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