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 +# $EPIC: dcc_rename.txt,​v 1.2 2006/07/26 19:47:17 sthalik Exp $
 +[[dcc]] rename [<​nick>​] <​name>​ [<new name>]
 +[[dcc]] rename -chat <​dcc-nick>​ <new nick>
 +Sometimes someone will offer you a filename that you already have, and you want
 +to get the file but not clobber your existing file.  With the /[[DCC]] RENAME
 +command, you can change the name that this new file will be saved as, sparing
 +your existing file from removal.
 +You can also rename the nickname of the other person in a [[DCC]] [[DCC
 +CHAT|CHAT]] connection. ​ You must use this new nickname (prefixed with a = when
 +used in a context where a nickname is expected) afterwards.
 +  -chat      rename a nick in DCC CHAT instead of a file
 +To rename file foo to bar from joebob:
 +  /dcc rename joebob foo bar
 +To rename joebob to jimbob in a DCC CHAT:
 +  /dcc rename -chat joebob jimbob
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