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 +$EPIC: flood_control.txt,​v 1.1 2007/03/02 02:32:04 jnelson Exp $
 +======Flood Control======
 +The client has an anti-flood facility whose purpose is to prevent
 +crapflooding to your display. ​ Since flood control is a client-side ​
 +facility, it can't stop someone from consuming all your cpu or bandwidth.
 +=====How people are tracked=====
 +The [[set flood_maskuser]] value controls what the client considers to 
 +be one //​flooder//​.
 +^ set flood_maskuser value ^ Description ^
 +| 0 | Treat each unique user@host as distinct flooder |
 +| 1 | Treat identd users uniquely, treat all non-identd users on a host together as one flooder |
 +| 2 | Treat all users on a host as one flooder |
 +Floods are specific to a target (channel or msgs), server, and [[level]].
 +If someone floods you on multiple channels or using multiple types of
 +messages, these are all considered different floods. ​ Servers are always
 +exempt from flood control.
 +=====The Flood List=====
 +The client maintains a list of potential floods. ​ The number of floods
 +to track is controlled by [[set flood_users]]. ​ Setting this value too
 +high takes up lots of resources, setting it too low makes the facility ​
 +less effective.
 +=====Getting on and Getting off the flood list====
 +When someone new sends you a message, they are added to the flood list, 
 +taking the place of the oldest entry on the flood list that doesn'​t have
 +any penalty points (see below). ​ Therefore, entries are constantly being
 +added and removed from the flood list, as long as they don't flood you.
 +If an entry would have been removed, but it has penalty points, then it 
 +loses one penalty point. ​ Eventually (if it doesn'​t flood you), all of 
 +the penalty points will run out and then it will be removed.
 +=====What is a flood?=====
 +If a potential flooder sends you [[set flood_after]] messages before they are
 +removed from the list, the messages-per-second rate is compared against ​
 +[[set flood_rate]] / [[set flood_rate_per]]. ​ If the flooder has sent too 
 +many messages, each time they send you a message they will receive a 
 +"​penalty point",​ until the rate of messages falls below your threshhold.  ​
 +These penalty points prevent the flooder from being removed from the 
 +tracking list for a long time.  This allows the client to focus its efforts
 +on people who are causing you trouble.
 +=====When you are flooded...=====
 +When you are flooded, if [[set flood_warning]] is on, a message is sent to 
 +your display telling you that you have been flooded. ​ If [[set flood_ignore]]
 +is ON, then the normal processing of the message is suppressed by the client.
 +If [[set ignore]] is OFF, then the client continues to process the message
 +=====Checking out the flood list=====
 +The [[floodinfo]] function will tell you about the flood list.
 +Flood control has always been a part of ircII.
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