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 +# $EPIC: read.txt,v 1.3 2007/06/05 03:56:39 jnelson Exp $
 +$__read__(<​fd>​ [<​length>​])
 +This function reads data from an [[open]] file.  The value <fd> must have 
 +been previously returned by the [[open]] function. ​ If <​length>​ is given
 +it will read and return that number of bytes from the file.  If no <​length>​
 +is given, it will read and return the next line of text from the file.
 +If <​length>​ is given, it is considered a binary read, and the return value
 +will be encoded with the CTCP transform, which guarantees you can send
 +the string over irc, or assign it to a variable. ​ You can use [[xform]] to 
 +convert this data into another format.
 +The function will return the empty string if <fd> is not a value previously
 +returned by [[open]] or if the file has reached EOF, or if there was an 
 +error. ​ Use [[isfilevalid]],​ [[eof]] or [[ferror]] to determine between ​
 +these possibilities.
 +Data read from file, or nothing on error. ​ Binary data reads will be 
 +CTCP encoded.
 +$read(4) ​                          ​returns next line from fd 4
 +$read(4 30)                        returns next 30 bytes from fd 4
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