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-#$EPIC: links.txt,v 1.4 2006/08/29 18:22:56 sthalik Exp $ 
 ======Synopsis:​====== ======Synopsis:​======
 __links__ [<​glob>​] __links__ [<​glob>​]
 ======Description:​====== ======Description:​======
-**IMPORTANT**:​ See Privacy and Restrictions sections before using this +Show a topology of the servers on your network. ​ ​This ​is server-side command Some networks limit this command to operators, ​since the topology ​of the network ​can be abused by bad people. ​ Most networks will tell the operators ​that you made an attempt, and some operators will ban you (K-line) for it.  ​Be forewarned.
-command for important warnings. +
- +
-Show linked servers, and interconnections between them. +
- +
-======Examples:​====== +
-To list all servers on the network+
-      /links +
- +
-======Privacy:​====== +
-Use of __LINKS__ is almost always reported to server operators +
-Repeated or frequent use of __LINKS__ ​is almost sure to bring the +
-attention of its operators. +
- +
-======Restrictions:​====== +
-This command may be rate limited, even if it isn't, you should not use +
-it with any frequency, as most server ​operators will react to repeated  +
-queries with a K-line (ban) for "links looking"​. +
-Some overzealous ​operators ​many even K-line for a SINGLE use of __LINKS__, +
-forgetting that there is a legitimate use for the command. +
- +
-Some networks have adopted ​the practice ​of completely disabling +
-__LINKS__ queries. +
- +
-======Soapbox:​====== +
-Once upon a time it used to be common for users to use the __LINKS__ +
-command to see which servers were on the network ​so they could tell +
-whether their friend'​s favorite irc server was netsplit or not. +
- +
-Then came the "link lookers" ​that would use the __LINKS__ command every +
-15 seconds or so on the prowl for servers that netsplit. ​ Then they would +
-$[[connect function|connect]]() to those servers, register as your nickname, join your +
-channel, get chanops, and then nickcollide everybody when the net.split +
-healed. +
- +
-Then came TS, the big plan to prevent nick collisions and riding netsplits +
-for chanops.  ​Also came the raging paranoia about users who use the +
-__LINKS__ command. ​ Obviously nobody could use the __LINKS__ command for +
-anything legitimate, could they? +
- +
-In recent years, denial of service (DoS) attacks against servers have +
-become commonplace. Information from __LINKS__, while very useful to +
-ordinary, innocent users, also tells a would-be attacker how servers +
-are interconnected. This allows attacks to be targeted to cause as +
-much disruption as possible. Sadly, this makes many operators even +
-more paranoid about __LINKS__. +
- +
-There is a current trend to hide information from users, even such +
-basic information as the names of servers. This has been recently +
-taken to extremes on networks such as Undernet, where all servers +
-are now masked as *,​ almost all server queries are +
-operator only, and __LINKS__ directs you to a web page.+
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