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 +# $EPIC: encrypt.txt,​v 1.4 2010/04/03 04:14:56 jnelson Exp $
 +Start encrypted convo: ​    ​[[encrypt]] [-<​cipher>​] <​target>​ <​password>​ [<​program>​] \\
 +Stop encrypted convo: ​     [[encrypt]] [-<​cipher>​] <​target>​ \\
 +List all encrypted convos: [[encrypt]] \\
 +Stop all encrypted convos: [[encrypt]] -clear ​
 +Use this command to hold encrypted conversations on a channel or with 
 +another user.  Encrypted conversations require the other person to use 
 +a client that supports it.
 +Without an argument, the command shows you all your encrypted conversations.
 +With the -clear argument, it deletes all your encrypted conversations.
 +When you have a correctly configured encrypted conversation,​ then the
 +messages you send to the other person(s) will be encrypted and anyone
 +who does not have the password will not be able to see what you say.
 +This works in reverse. ​ If someone is trying to have an encrypted conversation
 +with you and you do not have the correct password you will not be able to 
 +read what they are saying.
 +To have an encrypted conversation,​ you need to have three things.
 +1. Who it is with (a channel, a nickname, or a user@host)
 +2. The encryption cipher you will use
 +3. The password
 +=====1. Encryption targets=====
 +An encryption target is:
 +1. An optional server name or server refnum
 +2. An optional slash
 +3. Anything you can send a message to (nickname, channel, dcc chat, etc)
 + /encrypt 0/hop -sed hello
 +will encrypt with '​hop'​ but only on server 0!
 + /encrypt efnet/#epic -blowfish howdy
 +will encrypt what you say on #epic on a server in group '​efnet'​
 + /encrypt​hop -cast yo!
 +will encrypt with '​hop'​ but only on
 + /encrypt =hop -blowfish ouch
 +will encrypt your DCC CHAT conversation with '​hop'​.
 +If you have overlapping conversations,​ then these are the tiebreakers:​
 +1. Server refnum
 +2. The server'​s "​ourname"​ (the hostname we used to connect to it)
 +3. The server'​s "​itsname"​ (the name the server calls itself)
 +4. The server'​s "​group"​ (which you provided)
 +=====2. Encryption ciphers=====
 +The following ciphers are supported. ​ Remember to prefix them with 
 +a hyphen!
 +^Cipher ​          ​^Notes ​                                         ^
 +|-SED  ​  ​|Legacy ircII encryption (default) (very poor) |
 +|-CAST ​            ​|Compatible with ircII-4.4 ​                    |
 +|-BLOWFISH ​        |Not compatible with FiSH or anythinge else    |
 +|-AES              |Not compatible with anything except EPIC      |
 +|-AESSHA ​          |Not compatible with anything except EPIC      |
 +|-SEDSHA ​          |Not compatible with anything except EPIC      |
 +=====3. Encryption passwords=====
 +The quality of the encryption depends on the quality of your password.
 +There are no restrictions on your password, but everybody in the conversation
 +must know the password!
 +To start a SED encrypted session with JoeBob using the key "​foobar":​
 +      /encrypt joebob foobar
 +To start a SED encrypted session with channel #blah using key "​booya":​
 +      /encrypt #blah booya
 +To list your current encrypted sessions:
 +      /encrypt
 +To end your encrypted session with JoeBob:
 +      /encrypt joebob
 +To encrypt your session with Xenu with a strong AES-SHA cipher:
 +      /encrypt Xenu -AESSHA teegeack
 +To start separate encrypt sessions with channels with the same names on
 +different servers:
 +      /encrypt 0/#foo -AESSHA kitty
 +      /encrypt 3/#foo -BLOWFISH cat
 +JoeBob on channel #blah is being rebellious and using a different
 +key and encryption method and you still wish to see what everybody
 +is saying. ​ After this, the encryption key you will use to send to
 +the channel will still be '​booya':​
 +      /encrypt #​blah,​joebob!* fludle epic-crypt-gpg-aa
 +You are being rebelious on #blah by using a different key, and you
 +still wish to see what everybody using the old key is saying:
 +      /encrypt #blah,* oldkey
 +      /encrypt #blah mykey
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