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 +# $EPIC: encryptparm.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/22 05:07:29 jnelson Exp $
 +Given a <​nickname>,​ if you are having a SED encrypted conversation with that
 +<​nickname>​ on the current server, this function returns the metadata about 
 +that conversation as a three qword list.
 +^ Word ^ Description ^
 +|  0   | The nickname ​ |
 +|  1   | The cipherkey |
 +|  2   | The external encryption program |
 +|  3   | The cipher type (NOT CURRENTLY USED -- MAY BE USED IN FUTURE) |
 +Since the return value is a qword list, if any of the values contain spaces,
 +they will be enclosed in double quotes. ​ The double quotes are not 
 +considered part of the words. ​ Use $qword() to extract the values from
 +this list.
 +In the future, word 3 will contain the cipher type, but for now, it is not
 +included. ​ You should be prepared for this eventuality.
 +In the future, this function will work for encryption types other than SED,
 +but for now, nothing other than SED is supported.
 +This function first appeared in epic4-1.1.3.
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