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 +# $EPIC: highlight.txt,​v 1.3 2007/02/27 04:57:37 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] highlight \\
 +/highlight \\
 +/highlight //<​pattern>//​ \\
 +/​nohighlight //<​pattern>//​ \\
 +The highlight script implements a feature that provides the same facility
 +that highlight [[ignore]]s used to provide.
 +The /HIGHLIGHT command without any argument displays your highlights list.
 +The /HIGHLIGHT command with a single argument adds that argument to the
 +highlights list.
 +The /​NOHIGHLIGHT command with a single argument removes the argument from
 +the highlights list.   The argument must match exactly a previously argument
 +passed to /HIGHLIGHT.
 +Whenever a [[on topic|topic change]], [[on wallops|wallops]], ​
 +[[on public_msg|pubilc_msg]],​ [[on public|public]], ​
 +[[on public_other|public_other]],​ [[on msg_group|msg_group]],​
 +[[on msg|msg]], [[on signoff|quit]],​ [[on join|join]],​
 +[[on invite|invite]],​ [[on nick|nickname change]],
 +[[on mode|mode change]], [[on kick|kick]],​ [[on notice|notice]],​
 +or [[on public_notice|public notice]] occurs, and either the nickname,
 +the user@host, or the channel for the argument matches a value on the
 +highlight list, the corresponding nick, user@host, or channel name is
 +highlighted in the same way highlight [[ignore]]s used to do.
 +This facility only works if you don't have your own [[on]]s, which is
 +exactly the way the highlight [[ignore]]s used to work.
 +This script first appeared in epic5-0.0.8.
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