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 +# $EPIC: isalpha.txt,​v 2006/07/11 04:57:43 jnelson Exp $
 +$__isalpha__(<​text>​) \\
 +These function test whether the first character in the given string is
 +an alphabetical character or a digit. ​ Only the first character is
 +These functions are useful for testing an input string to see whether it
 +is a number or a text string. ​ One use for this might be to check if it
 +would be suitable input for $[[iptoname]]() or $[[nametoip]](). ​ Keep in mind
 +that only the first character is tested, so this isn't a reliable way
 +to see if the entire string is a number.
 +"​true"​ or "​false"​ value if first character is a letter or a digit
 +$isalpha(hello) ​        ​returns true
 +$isalpha(2hello) ​       returns false
 +$isdigit(123) ​          ​returns true
 +$isdigit(2abc) ​         returns true
 +$isdigit(a123) ​         returns false
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