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 +# $EPIC: join.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/29 18:22:56 sthalik Exp $
 +__join__ [-invite|<​channel list> [<​key>​]] \\
 +__join__ ​       (join channel you were invited to) \\
 +__join__ <​chan>​[,<​chan>​] ​   (comma separate multiple channels) [keys do not work with commas] \\
 +__join__ channel <​key> ​   (will auto-prepend a # for you) \\
 +__join__ #channel <​key> ​  (join a network channel) \\
 +__join__ &​channel <​key> ​  (join a local server channel) \\
 +__join__ !channel <​key> ​  (join an IRCNet "​id"​ channel) \\
 +__join__ +channel ​    (join an IRCNet "​modeless"​ channel) \\
 +__join__ 0        (part all channels)
 +When prefixed with two /'s, the __JOIN__ command is the same as
 +[[CHANNEL command|CHANNEL]] whose help file you should refer to.
 +When not prefixed with two /'s, the __JOIN__ command is a friendly script alias
 +that is loaded in the [[2.8script]] script that is automatically loaded each
 +time you use epic.  You may delete or override this __JOIN__ alias in your
 +~/.ircrc file if you so choose.
 +If you do not specify an option, the __JOIN__ command will join the last
 +channel to which you were invited. ​ If you have not been invited to a 
 +channel, you will be told so.
 +You may specify a comma-separated list of one or more channels to join; 
 +each channel name so listed is treated as such:
 +  A channel starting with #, (eg, #channel) will be joined
 +  A channel starting with &, (eg, &​channel) will be joined
 +  A channel starting with !, (eg, !channel) will be joined
 +  A channel starting with +, (eg, +channel) will be joined
 +  The channel 0 will part all your channels
 +  Any other channel name will be prefixed with a # and will be joined
 +    (eg, "​foo"​ becomes "#​foo"​)
 +You may not specify more than one channels and channel keys at the same
 +time.  This may be fixed in future __JOIN__ aliases, but for now, you must
 +use the [[channel command|CHANNEL]] command to join more than one channel at the same time
 +that you specify a channel key.  It may just be easier to join your keyed
 +channels separately.
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