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 +__load__ [-args] <​file>​ [<​file>​ ...]
 +The [[load]] command runs [[block]]s of code from a file.  When you start
 +up the client, it [[load]]s your ~/.epicrc file (assuming you didn't use 
 +the -q [[command line]] option.
 +Each <​file>​ is searched for each of the directories in the colon-separated
 +[[set load_path]] variable. ​ <​file>​ can be an absolute pathname, or it can 
 +start with a tilde, and the client does tilde expansion.
 +Loading using relative paths with sub-directories ​
 +     //​load subdir/foo
 +is currently supported but may not work the same way in the future, so its
 +use is discouraged. ​ Better to add "​subdir"​ to the load_path and load foo
 +There are actually two loaders, the [[standard loader]] and the pf loader.
 +The [[standard loader]] is the legacy loader and is used by most epic4 and
 +all ircII/bx scripts. ​ Its use is discouraged. ​ The [[pf loader]] is 
 +supported in epic4 and epic5, but not in bx and ircII.
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +A large collection of sample scripts is included with the client. ​ Refer
 +to Section 8, the Script Library, for more information.
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