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 +__names__ [<​switch>​ [<​arg>​] [<​switch>​ [<​arg>​] ...]] [<​channel>​]
 +__NAMES__ is similar to [[LIST]] except it will show nicknames in addition
 +to channel names. ​ Only visible users on public channels are returned.
 +If a nickname is prefixed with a +, that means they are a channel voice 
 +(mode +v) on that channel. ​ If a nickname is prefixed with @, that means 
 +they are a channel operator (mode +o) on that channel.
 +If an exact channel name is given, only that channel is queried. ​ If the
 +"​*"​ channel is given, your current window'​s current channel is used.
 +In all other circumstances,​ the client requests information about ALL 
 +channels, and the problems incurred with global [[LIST]] requests apply.
 +[[NAMES]] supports client-side filtering, but just as with [[LIST]] you
 +still run the risk of flooding yourself off the server if the network is 
 +huge and has thousands of channels. ​ (Servers do not always tolerate users
 +who use up lots of resources asking for large amounts of data.)
 +Channels that are not public (Either +p or +s) will not show up at all.
 +Users that are invisible (User mode +i, or are a member of a non-public ​
 +channel) will not show up at all.
 +You can always do a __NAMES__ request on any channel you are a member of
 +without regard to any of the above restrictions.
 +|-min <​n> ​  ​|shows channels with no less than n users       |
 +|-max <​n> ​  ​|shows channels with no more than n users       |
 +|-public ​   |shows public channels only       |
 +|-private ​  ​|shows private channels only       |
 +|-all       ​|overrides any previous -public or -private switch ​      |
 +To show users on all channels with 3 to 15 users:
 +      /names -min 3 -max 15
 +To show users on public channels with "​help"​ in the name:
 +      /names -public #*help*
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