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 +# $EPIC: notify_command.txt,​v 1.2 2006/08/01 05:32:26 sthalik Exp $
 +__notify__ \\
 +__notify__ - \\
 +__notify__ [[+]<​nickname>​ [[+]<​nickname>​ ...]] \\
 +__notify__ [[-]<​nickname>​ [[-]<​nickname>​ ...]]
 +You will want to know when your irc friends enter and leave irc.  You can
 +manage a list of nicknames with the /NOTIFY command, and when any of those
 +nicknames join or leave your network, or when anyone changes to or from 
 +one of the nicknames, you will be informed.
 +When given no arguments, the /NOTIFY command will show you all of the
 +nicknames in your list that are on that network, and all of the nicknames
 +in your list that are NOT on that network.
 +When given just a single '​+'​ as an argument, it will show only those who
 +are on the network (and not those who are not).
 +When given just a single '​-'​ as an argument, **your notify list will be
 +cleared.** ​ There is no way to automatically recreate your notify list 
 +once you clear it.
 +When given a list of nicknames, each of which is prefixed either by a 
 +plus ('​+'​),​ a minus ('​-'​) or neither, each nickname that is prefixed
 +by a plus or by neither will be added to your notify list, and each 
 +nickname that is prefixed by a minus will be removed from your notify
 +The notify command can only work on exact nickname matches. ​ Wildcards
 +are not supported and do not work.  The notify command cannot track user
 +or hosts; only exact nickname matches will work.
 +You must not suppress the 303 numeric (with an /[[on]] [[on raw_irc|raw_irc]])
 +or /notify will irreparably break. ​ You cannot recover from this, so don't try
 +To add your friends scuba and diver to your notify list:
 +      /notify scuba diver
 +To remove your ex-friend buddha from your notify list:
 +      /notify -buddha
 +To clear your notify list:
 +      /notify -
 +To show your friends that are current logged on irc:
 +      /notify +
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