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 +# $EPIC: on_channel_sync.txt,​v 1.4 2012/07/04 06:30:23 jnelson Exp $
 +[[on]] [<​modes>​]channel_sync [<​serial#>​] [-|^]<​match>​ { <​action>​ }
 +Triggered when the client has cached all the info about the channel.
 +This event is thrown after all of the cached information about a channel has
 +been collected. ​ When this event is thrown, it is safe to ask about who is
 +on the channel, chanop status, userhost, and so forth. ​ Before this event is
 +thrown, there are no promises!
 +|$0   ​|Channel synced |
 +|$1   |Time it took to sync the channel (floating point number) |
 +|$2   ​|Server refnum |
 +======Default Action:​======
 +If you don't suppress this event, the client does not do anything.
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