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 +[[on]] [<​modes>​]send_to_server [<​serial#>​] [-|^]<​match>​ { <​action>​ }
 +This hook, when set, is triggered whenever the client sends data to the
 +server that matches the hook.  It is useful for catching raw messages
 +destined for the server and redefining them.  One such use is with DCC,
 +as it offers no convenient way to send a raw request. ​ By using the
 +silent mode, the default action (sending data to the server) is
 +suppressed, allowing any arbitrary command to be replaced.
 +When this hook is defined, it causes the client to monitor all traffic
 +to the server, making it somewhat resource intensive. ​ It is recommended
 +that it be used sparingly. ​ Caution should be used, as it is easy to
 +put the client into an infinite loop with this hook.
 +|$0 |reference number of the target server|
 +|$1 |Unix file descriptor of the server connection|
 +|$2- |text to be sent to the server|
 +To change how a DCC handshake is made (on the sending side):
 +   on ^send_to_server "% % % PRIVMSG % :​$chr(1)DCC*"​ {
 +      quote PRIVMSG $4 :​$chr(1)SECRET_DCC $6-
 +   }
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