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 +# $EPIC: queue.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 04:08:24 sthalik Exp $
 +__queue__ [<​flag>​] <​name>​ [<​number>​] [<​commands>​]
 +__QUEUE__ allows for a sort of batch processing in ircII-EPIC. ​ It is a
 +convenient mechanism for preparing to execute a command at a later,
 +undetermined time.  It can also be used as a sort of dynamically
 +growing alias.
 +Sets of commands may be stored into named queues; there is no limit
 +to the number of queues that may exist, or the number of commands that
 +may be present in a queue. ​ For queues with multiple commands, the
 +commands must be surrounded by curly braces.
 +|-delete ​       |delete the specified entry number in the named queue             |
 +|-do            |runs the commands in the named queue             |
 +|-no_flush ​     |does not flush commands (for use only with -do)             |
 +|-flush ​        ​|flush the named queue without running the commands ​            |
 +|-list ​         |show the contents of the named queue             |
 +|-show ​         |show the contents of all queues ​            |
 +|-expand_now ​   |expand <​commands>​ before adding entry to the named queue             |
 +|-help ​         |show syntax information ​            |
 +To add an item to the queue "​foo":​
 +      queue foo {
 +         echo This is a queued command.
 +         echo Isn't it cool?
 +      }
 +To delete an item from a queue with multiple items:
 +      queue -delete foo 2
 +Error checking is not horribly tight with __QUEUE__. ​ Trying to confuse the
 +client with multiple arguments that don't belong together will probably
 +succeed. ​ Using multiple flags should be avoided whenever possible.
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