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 +#$EPIC: rename.txt,​v 1.4 2007/03/02 02:32:04 jnelson Exp $
 +$__rename__(<​oldpath>​ <​newpath>​)
 +   * The <​oldpath>​ and <​newpath>​ arguments are [[what is a word|dwords]] which is different than most functions.
 +   * If the <​oldpath>​ or <​newpath>​ arguments are omitted this function returns the empty string.
 +   * The file <​oldpath>​ is renamed to <​newpath>​ in accordance with the rename(2) system call on your operating system.
 +   * Generally speaking $__rename__() cannot move files between file systems, but they can be moved between directories on the same file system.
 +Naturally, this function is useful any time a file needs to be renamed.
 +One use for it might be to back up your .ircrc before doing a __SAVE__, just
 +in case something goes wrong before the command is completed.
 + ​0 ​  file renamed successfully
 +-1   error during rename attempt
 +$rename(~/​.ircrc ~/​.ircrc.bak) ​             returns 0 if successful
 +$rename(/​etc/​passwd /​etc/​hahaha) ​           probably will return -1
 +This function first appeared in EPIC2.
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