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 +# $EPIC: rest.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 06:07:20 sthalik Exp $
 +$__rest__(<​text>​) \\
 +$__rest__(<​num>​ <​text>​)
 +   * If the <num> argument is not provided, 1 is the default value.
 +   * The return value is <​text>​ with the first <​num>​th characters removed.
 +   * If you think that the first word in <​text>​ may be a number, better to be safe than sorry; specify an explicit "​1"​ for <​num>​.
 +This can be used to remove the initial character of a string, or to remove
 +multiple initial characters from a string.
 +<​text>​ with the first <num> characters removed.
 +$rest(4 foobarfnord) ​ returns "​arfnord"​
 +$rest(foobarfnord) ​   returns "​oobarfnord"​
 +$rest(1 5 testing) ​   returns " testing"​
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