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 +# $EPIC: set_metric_time.txt,​v 1.2 2006/08/20 13:51:17 sthalik Exp $
 +[[set]] metric time [ON|OFF|TOGGLE]
 +For the discerning metric snob who turns his nose up at the idea of having to
 +deal with such baroque concepts as "​seconds",​ "​minutes"​ and "​hours",​ we offer
 +Metric Time.  Metric Time has only one unit of measure, the Day.  When you turn
 +metric_time on, EPIC begins to do all internal time processing strictly in
 +milliday units. ​ As a concession to those who are stuck in the slavery of
 +antiquated systems, /[[TIMER]], /[[PAUSE]] and /[[SLEEP]] continue to accept
 +the obsolete unit "​second"​.
 +Metric time has no time zone -- Time is measured in millidays since the
 +beginning of the day in Universal Coordinated Time.  The status bar will begin
 +showing millidays, /[[ON TIMER]] and /[[ON IDLE]] will begin using millidays.
 +Metric Time is different from Swatch Time because Swatch Time is based on the
 +time zone of the headquarters of the Swatch company, which is +0100.
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