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 +~~NOTOC~~ ​
 +======Welcome to EPIC!====== ​
 +EPIC is a IRC client that has been under active development for 25+ years in 5 generations. It is stable and mature, and offers an excellent ircII interface for those of us who are accustomed to the ircII way of doing things. ----
 +======How to get EPIC====== ​
 +===Git==== ​
 +EPIC is distributed as source code, and is very portable. ​ It should compile on any unix-like environment using any compiler. ​ Just clone it and run '​./​configure'​ and 'make install'​!  ​
 +To get EPIC5: ​    
 +git clone http://​​epic5.git  ​
 +To get EPIC4: ​    
 +git clone http://​​epic4.git  ​
 +====Source Releases==== ​
 +Proper EPIC releases are distributed as tarballs:
 +   * http://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC5-PRODUCTION/​epic5-2.1.2.tar.xz
 +   * http://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC4-PRODUCTION/​epic4-2.10.9.tar.xz  ​
 +====Binary Packages==== ​
 +Many OS distributions include an EPIC binary package. ​ It will probably be called "​epic5"​ or "​epic"  ​
 +=====Script Packs (or, How do I know if I need EPIC4 or EPIC5?​)===== ​
 +EPIC's out of the box experience is pretty austere, trying to be a lot like ircII was in 1993.  That doesn'​t work for most people, so there are a variety of "​Script Packs" which use EPIC's programming power to create a sophisticated user experience. ​ Each Script Pack works on either EPIC4 or EPIC5, and you can either choose EPIC4 or EPIC5 and then try all the script packs that support it; or you can look at all the script packs, and use whichever EPIC it supports.  ​
 +======Using EPIC====== ​
 +To start up EPIC, provide it a nickname and a server you want to connect to
 +     epic5 mynick ​
 +EPIC will connect to "​"​ as "​mynick"​. ​ If "​mynick"​ is already in use, EPIC will find another nickname for you to use.  ​
 +There are a lot of command line options and variations so you can visit [[command line options]] for more details. ​ You can also see that list by running
 +       epic5 -h   
 +=====Are you having problems with output on EPIC5?​====== ​
 +EPIC5-1.1.8 and later support UTF-8, which is harder to get working than you might think. ​ Please visit the page [[Getting utf-8 working]] if you're having any problems typing or seeing things correctly.  ​
 +=====Some FAQs===== ​
 +====What is IRC?​==== ​
 +IRC is the internet'​s oldest real-time multi-user chat system. ​ You connect to an IRC Server, which is part of an IRC Network, and join Channels. ​ You can talk to the other users who have joined the same channel on the same network. ​ Because there are many IRC Networks, you will want a client that easily connects to and manages multiple networks for you.   The IRC platform is completely open in every way.  It was not created by a company, and there are no patents or other license issues. ​ It is published as RFC1459, and there are many IRC server implementations of it, all of which are compatable with EPIC (or any other IRC client). ​ There are literally thousands of servers and hundreds of networks for you to connect to and talk to people on.  ​
 +=====Why does EPIC exist?​===== ​
 +EPIC exists because we want irc to be fun!  You can always find a "​better"​ irc client, for some value of "​better",​ but you probably won't find one that lets you have more fun exploring your geeky tendencies.  ​
 +=====Who uses EPIC?​===== ​
 +The scripters who are creating irc experiences,​ and the users who enjoy those experiences. ​ You don't really use EPIC as much as you are using an EPIC Script. If you have problems using EPIC, contact the author of the script you are  using.  ​
 +=====Help with EPIC===== ​
 +EPIC comes with [[help_root|help pages]], which you can help us maintain!  ​
 +=====Programming EPIC===== ​
 +EPIC comes with a mature, stable programming language which behaves a lot like TCL.  Visit [[epic_scripting]] to get started with the adventure! ​