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 +# $EPIC:,​v 1.2 2007/03/04 20:52:39 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] \\
 +[[set]] nick_completion_char //<​char>//​ \\
 +[[set]] tab_history_cycle_size //<​number>//​ \\
 +[[set]] zsh_style_completion [ON|OFF|TOGGLE] ​
 +This script implements a tab-key facility. ​ A tab-key facility is a feature
 +that operates when you press the <tab> key.  Ordinarily, the client does not
 +take any action when you press <​tab>,​ but there are very many scripts that 
 +will provide soem useful feature.
 +This script tries to "do the right thing" when you press <​tab>,​ in much
 +the same way shells do.  Try it!
 +This script features:
 +  * target history cycling for /msg and /notice
 +  * match possibility cycling (zsh-style completion)
 +  * reverse cycling (ctrl + r)
 +  * shell-like completion for /exec
 +  * script name completion for /load
 +  * the ability to complete words anywhere in the input line
 +  * proper handling of file names that contain spaces
 +  * multi-server support
 +  * completion of aliases, command names, channel names, nicknames,
 +    /set variables, /help topics and file names
 +This script was written by jm and first appeared in epic4-1.1.13.
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