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 +# $EPIC: window_activity_handling.txt,​v 1.3 2007/02/19 03:20:46 jnelson Exp $
 +[[windowctl]](SET //<​winref>//​ CURRENT_ACTIVITY //<​number>//​) \\
 +[[windowctl]](SET //<​winref>//​ ACTIVITY_FORMAT //<​number>//​ //<​string>//​) \\
 +[[windowctl]](SET //<​winref>//​ ACTIVITY_DATA //<​number>//​ //<​string>//​)
 +This feature gives you, through the %E [[set status_format|status line expando]]
 +a fully customizable replacement for the %F status line expando. ​ This is 
 +specifically intended to be able to create irssi-like colorized window
 +activity notification on your status bar.  See the [[activity]] script for 
 +a sample use of these features.
 +The %F status line expando tells you which [[window_hide|hidden windows]] ​
 +have had output since they were hidden. ​ You can always turn this feature off
 +for each window with [[window notify]]. ​ You cannot control the
 +appearance of the window'​s refnum with %F
 +The %E status line expando performs the same task, but you can control how
 +the window refnum appears on a per-window basis.
 +Each window has associated with itself 11 **activity levels**, numbered 0 
 +to 11.  Activity level 0 is special, because it stores default values.
 +There is nothing special about the other levels, you can make them mean 
 +whatever you wish.  For each activity level, you may associate one 
 +**activity format**, and one **activity data**. ​  It is expected you will 
 +ordinarily not change the **activity format** often, but will change the 
 +**activity data**.
 +Each time the status bar is regenerated,​ for each window that is hidden, ​
 +that has had output since it was hidden, the client looks at the 
 +**current activity** level. ​ It expands the corresponding **activity format**
 +using the corresponding **activity data** as the value of $*, and then 
 +uses the resulting value as the name of the window, in %E.
 +The default values for all these values are the empty string. ​ If you set
 +the **activity_format** or **activity_data** for level 0, that acts as a 
 +default for all the other levels that don't have values. ​ Unless you actually
 +set values, nothing will appear in %E.
 +======What is the point of all this?======
 +This allows you to have colorific notify levels in the way irssi does:
 + on #​window_create -110 *  {
 +    ​@windowctl(set $0 activity_format 0 ^C3$$*);
 +    ​@windowctl(set $1 activity_format 1 ^C4$$*);
 +    ​@windowctl(set $1 activity_format 2 ^C7<​$$*>​);​
 +    ​@windowctl(set $0 activity_data 0 booya)
 +    ​@windowctl(set $0 activity_data 2 hazmat)
 + }
 +======Let'​s consider a few examples:​======
 +=====Example 1:=====
 +If I were to 
 + @windowctl(SET //<​refnum>//​ CURRENT_ACTIVITY 1)
 +then it would use
 + ^C3$$*
 +as the format string (because it is specifically set), and
 + booya
 +as the data string (because it is **not** specifically set, so it uses level 0)
 +which would result in a green "​booya"​ for this window.
 +=====Example 2:=====
 +If I were to
 + @windowctl(SET //<​refnum>//​ CURRENT_ACTIVITY 2)
 +then it would use
 + ^C4$$*
 +as the format string (because it is specifically set), and
 + hazmat
 +as the data string (because it is specifically set), which would result in a
 +bold red "​hazmat"​ for this window.
 +This feature gives you full control to customize everything that %F does.
 +You could associate an event with each level (msgs = 1, publics = 2, 
 +notices = 3, joins = 4, etc), a color with each level (red = 1, blue = 2,
 +green = 3, yellow = 4, etc), and any string you desire for each window.
 +Then using some very simple [[on]]s,
 + on #-public -110 * {
 +    if (windowctl(GET $winchan($1) CURRENT_ACTIVITY) < 2) {
 +       @windowctl(SET $winchan($1) CURRENT_ACTIVITY 2)
 +    }
 + }
 + on #-join -110 * {
 +    if (windowctl(GET $winchan($1) CURRENT_ACTIVITY) < 4) {
 + @windowctl(SET $winchan($1) CURRENT_ACTIVITY 4)
 +    }
 + }
 +it would all automagically allow you to have different windows show up in 
 +different colors on your status bar, depending on what happened last!
 +Window activity handling first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.6.
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