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 +[[xtype]] <​text>​ \\
 +[[xtype]] -literal <​text>​
 +In the first form, without arguments, the [[xtype]] command has the same 
 +behavior as [[type]].  ​
 +When used in the second format, each character in <​text>​ is inserted into the
 +input line, **ignoring any key binding it might have**. ​ Each character is
 +treated as though it were bound to [[bind self_insert|self_insert]].
 +Whereas the [[type]] command changes the ^ character followed by another
 +character into a control character, [[xtype|xtype -l]] treats them as two
 +individual characters. ​ Further, the [[type]] command changes the \ character
 +followed by another character into the second character, but again,
 +[[xtype|xtype -l]] treats them as two individual characters.
 +|-literal <​text>​ | Overrule key bindings and insert characters literally |
 +To literally insert a caret followed by a instead of whatever control-A is
 +bound to:
 +      xtype -l now inserting a ^A is easy!
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