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# $EPIC: bind_send_line.txt,v 1.4 2006/10/01 23:54:18 jnelson Exp $


bind <key> send_line


This operation submits the contents of the input line for processing. This is the ordinary operation of the <enter> key.

Usually the input buffer contains either a line of text, which is sent to to the current window's current target, or a command, which is executed in the context of the current window.

However, if there is a model prompt (usually caused by the input command), then the contents of the input buffer are sent to that prompt's callback.

More technical:

1) If the window's hold mode is ON, and the window is holding output, the window's display is unheld 2) If there is a modal prompt, that modal prompt's callback is run 3) If there is not a modal prompt, the input line is cleared 4) Then on input is hooked 5) Then if on input is not grabbed, the input line is parsed as with the sendline command. 6) If the window's hold mode is ON, but the window is not holding output, then the hold mode counter is reset. 7) If the window's hold mode is ON, and you are in the scrollback view, a scroll_forwards is done. This allows you to hit <enter> to catch up.


This keybinding first appeared in ircII.

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