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The page encodings and locales discusses how to tell EPIC what encoding you are using locally.

EPIC will automatically send all your messages to IRC in UTF-8, and will automatically handle any incoming messages in UTF-8. But if you receive a non-UTF8 message, or you want to send a non-UTF8 message, you need to tell EPIC what encoding to use.

An ENCODING rule contains three parts

  1. - A server part
  2. - A slash
  3. - A target part (a nick or a channel)

Either side is optional, along with the slash. Server parts are expected to contain dots, and channels are expected to start with a channel name char (#, &, +, etc), and a nick is everything else. You should always include the slash if you think EPIC might misinterpret your nick or server as the other (such as when you use server groups – see examples below)

Syntax Forms


Show all encoding rules – there are always three built in rules (discussed below)

  /ENCODING <rule>

Show one specific rule – you must type the <rule> exactly


Delete a rule

  /ENCODING <rule> <encoding>

Create a new rule using the given encoding.


ENCODING rules have overlap – so when EPIC needs to be able to choose between multiple rules, it does this:

Priority Rule Form Explanation
1 server/nickname A specific nick on a specific server
2 /nickname A specific nick on ALL servers
3 server/channel A specific channel on a specific server
4 /channel A specific channel on ALL servers
5 server/ ALL nicks and channels for a server that don't have their own rule
6 “irc” There is a builtin rule “irc” used when no other rules apply

The server part follows the same rules as /SERVER -UPDATE

  • A server refnum (a number)
  • A server “ourname”
  • A server “itsname”
  • A server group name
  • A server 005 NETWORK name
  • Any server altname

If your server description contains a port, that must match as well



Server 4, and anybody on Server 4 that doesn't have its own rule uses KOI8-R


Any server belonging to group “EFNet”, and anybody who doesn't have their own rule uses CP437. Note the trailing slash is necessary because otherwise “EFNet” would be considered a nickname.

  /ENCODING hop ISO-8859-1

Any hop I talk to uses ISO-8859-1


Except for the hop on EFNet, who uses UTF-8


When I connect to on port 6679, it uses KOI8-R


When I connect to on port 6667, it uses UTF-8

Built In Rules

There are three built in encoding rules which you cannot delete and probably shouldn't change.

Rule Explanation
irc Any non-utf8 message received from irc is assumed to be in this encoding (default: ISO-8859-1)
console The encoding EPIC thinks you are using at the console (default: set from your locale)
scripts Any non-utf8 script you load is assumed to be this encoding (default: CP437)


The /ENCODING command first appeared in EPIC5-1.1.8

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