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Release Notes for EPIC5-2.1.5 (Released: 2021-05-29)

*** News 05/29/2021 -- EPIC5-2.1.5 released here (Fecund) (Commit id: 1945)

*** News 05/25/2021 -- Updated configure to autoconf-2.69
        We upgraded configure from autoconf-2.13 to 2.69 here.
        Along the way, we fixed the support for python3.8+

*** News 05/20/2021 -- Windows have UUIDs ($windowctl(GET x UUID))
        Every window now receives an immutable UUID when it is
        created.  This UUID is globally unique and cannot be changed.

        Although the UUID is not user-facing (as in /window list),
        you can get it with $windowctl(GET refnum UUID).

        The UUID is an lval (that is, it does not contain hyphens),
        so you can use it as part of a variable name if you wish.

*** News 05/20/2021 -- New concept, "claiming channels"
        When EPIC receives a protocol JOIN message for a channel,
        it has to decide what window to put the channel in.
        A common request has been the opportunity to let scripts
        decide where new channels should go, rather than it being

        So now when a JOIN is received, an /ON will be thrown
        (see below) which is an invitiation for your script to do
        whatever preparatory work for the channel you see fit.

        One thing in particular is /WINDOW CLAIM (see below), which
        tells EPIC which window the channel should be put into.
        As part of this process, EPIC will suggest a window the
        channel should go into, unless you choose to overrule that.

            when the user is deliberately moving a channel they are
            already on between windows.  You can't stop that.

*** News 05/20/2021 -- New /ON, /ON CHANNEL_CLAIM
        The /ON CHANNEL_CLAIM is thrown when a JOIN is received,
        but before the client has assigned the channel to a window.
                $0 - The server refnum
                $1 - The channel being joined
                $2 - The window refnum epic proposes to put the
                     window into.

        If your handler does /WINDOW CLAIM in any particular window,
        then the channel will go to that window that you specify.

        At this time, you can only do /WINDOW CLAIM in a window that
        is connected to the server in $0. In the future, this will
        probably change.  But for now, a /WINDOW CLAIM in a "window
        connected to the wrong server" is treated as invalid.

        If you do not do a valid /WINDOW CLAIM, then the channel will
        go into the window proposed by EPIC.

*** News 05/20/2021 -- New /WINDOW operation. /WINDOW CLAIM #channel
        During the handling of an /ON CHANNEL_CLAIM, you may perform
        the /WINDOW CLAIM operation to direct EPIC to put the new
        channel into a particular window.

        You must pass the name of the channel as a paraemter.
        It is available as $1 in the /on.

        You may only claim the channel in a window that is connected
        to the correct server (from $0).  Attempting to claim a
        channel in a window connected to the wrong server is invalid
        and has no effect.   This will change in the future.

*** News 05/20/2021 -- $uuid4() can now return lvals (NODASHES)
        You can now get a uuid4 that is valid as an lval if you
        supply NODASHES as the only argument
                @ a.$uuid4(NODASHES) = [whatever]

        There are now two defined behaviors:
                $uuid4()         - UUID4 with dashes
                $uuid4(NODASHES) - UUID4 without dashes
        EVERYTHING ELSE IS UNDEFINED BEHAVIOR (ie, other arguments may
        do something today, but forwards compatability is not guaranteed)
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