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Welcome to the EPIC help file collection!

Below is our master index. It is a work in progress. Eventually we will replace this with a very nice document. For now, feel free to follow the links and email jnelson to volunteer if you want to help! Anonymous editing of the help files is not allowed at this time.

If you're new to EPIC, you can read getting_started.


The most common commands

awayTell the server you are not paying attention
channelJoin or associate a channel with a window.
clearDo a window clear; Display nothing in the window.
ctcpClient To Client Protocol: ask other clients for information.
dccDirect Client Connection: talking with another user outside of irc.
dcc getAccept a copy of someone else's file.
dcc resumeAgree to continue downloading a file you partially downloaded already.
dcc sendExtend an offer to copy a file to someone else.
disconnectClose the connection to a server
encryptInitiate transparant encryption over any transport protocol.
exitTell the client to shut down.
ignoreSuppress display of stuff coming from people who you don't want to be bothered with.
inviteAsk someone to join a channel.
joinJoin or associate a channel with a window.
kickRemove someone from a channel.
knockAsk to be invited to a channel.
lastlogRedisplay stuff that has previously shown up in a window.
logGeneral purpose logfiles.
meTell the channel what you are doing with a ctcp action.
modeChange the mode of a channel.
msgSend a message to someone.
nickChange your nickname.
notifyMake the client periodically ask the server if certain nicknames are on the network.
partLeave a channel.
queryChange the current target of a window to a nickname.
quitSame as exit.
reconnectReconnect to a server.
serverConnect to an irc server.
topicChange the topic of the channel.
whoAsk the server for a list of who is on the channel.
whoisAsk the server for detailed information about one person.
whowasAsk the server for info about someone who is not on irc any more.

Less common IRC commands

adminAsk the server how to contact the server admin.
connectAsk a server on the network to link to another server not on the network (oper only).
ctcp actionTell someone or a channel what you are doing.
ctcp clientinfoAsk another client what ctcp commands they support.
ctcp echoAsk another client to send you a string back.
ctcp fingerAsk another client about the man behind the mask.
ctcp pingAsk another client to respond, to measure lag time.
ctcp timeAsk another client what time they think it is.
ctcp userinfoAsk another client for its user-customizable string.
ctcp utcTell another client to insert the current time here.
ctcp versionAsk another client what software version it is.
dcc chatInitiate a private conversation with someone outside of irc.
dcc closeTerminate a dcc session.
dcc closeallTerminate every dcc session.
dcc listShow all of the dcc sessions.
dcc rawSend data to a dcc socket connection.
dcc renameChange the nickname associated with a dcc session.
deopRevoke your own irc operatorship privileges (oper only)
describeTell another nick what you are doing with a ctcp action.
dieTell your server to shut down (oper only)
flushSuppress display of stuff coming from the server when you're being flooded.
hostnameChange your virtual hostname.
infoAsk the client and server about the software you're using.
isonAsk the server if nicknames in a list are on the network.
killRemove someone from the irc network. (oper only)
linksAsk the server what servers are on the network.
listAsk the server to tell you about the network's public channels.
loadImport and run commands from a file.
lusersAsk the server how many users and servers are on the network.
mapAsk the server to show you the topology of the network.
mesgPermit or revoke global write access to your pty.
motdAsk the server for the Message Of The Day.
namesAsk the server about who is on what channels.
noteLeave a message for someone when they are away (rare)
noticeSend a response to someone's message.
operAssume operatorship privileges (oper only).
pingFigure out how lagged you are.
redirectRedirect output that would go to a window to someone over irc.
rehashAsk the server to re-read its config files (oper-only)
restartAsk the server to shut down and restart (oper-only)
rpingSend an RPING to the server.
servlistSend a SERVLIST to the server.
squerySend an SQUERY to someone.
squitRemove a server from the network. (oper only)
statsAsk the server for statistics (oper only)
timeAsk the server what time it thinks it is.
traceCreate a traceroute to a remote server (oper only)
upingPing the server.
userhostAsk the server for a nick's userhost.
useripAsk the server for a nick's ip address.
usripAsk the server for a nick's ip address.
versionAsk the server what software it is using.
wallchopsSend a message to channel operators.
wallopsSend a message to all irc operators (oper only).


abortKill the client with SIGABRT (trap to gdb)
aliasCreate your own commands
allocdumpWrite debug info about malloc()s to file
assignCreate your own variables
beepMake your terminal beep
bindTell the client what to do when you press a key
bind_altcharsetInsert the char that switches your font between character sets.
bind_backspaceDelete the character before the cursor
bind_backward_characterMove the cursor left one position
bind_backward_wordMove the cursor to the start of the previous word
bind_beginning_of_lineMove the cursor to the start of input line
bind_blinkInsert the char that toggles blinking
bind_boldInsert the char that toggles bold video
bind_clear_screenDo a window clear
bind_cpu_saverAsk the client to save cpu by doing less housekeeping
bind_delete_characterDelete the character under the cursor
bind_delete_next_wordDelete from the cursor to the end of the next word
bind_delete_previous_wordDelete from the cursor to the start of the previous word.
bind_delete_to_previous_spaceDelete from the cursor to the first space before the cursor.
bind_end_of_lineMove the cursor to the end of the input line.
bind_erase_lineDelete the entire input line.
bind_erase_to_beg_of_lineDelete from the cursor to the start of input.
bind_erase_to_end_of_lineDelete from the cursor to the end of input.
bind_forward_characterMove the cursor right one position.
bind_forward_wordMove the cursor to the next word.
bind_highlight_offInsert the character that turns all highlights off.
bind_next_windowMove down one visible (“split”) window.
bind_nothingPerform no action (unbinds a sequence)
bind_parse_commandExecute a block of code (provided as argument)
bind_previous_windowMove up one visible (“split”) window.
bind_quit_ircAsk the user if they really want to exit.
bind_quote_characterTell the client the next keypress should ignore its keybinding.
bind_refresh_inputlineTell the client to redraw the input line.
bind_refresh_screenTell the client to redraw the entire screen.
bind_refresh_statusTell the client to redraw the status bars.
bind_reset_lineDelete the entire input line but don't save it in the cutbuffer.
bind_reverseInsert the character that toggles reverse video.
bind_scroll_backwardMove backwards (older) in the scrollback buffer.
bind_scroll_endEnd scrolling back
bind_scroll_forwardMove forwards (newer) in the scrollback buffer.
bind_scroll_startMove to the start (oldest) of the scrollback buffer.
bind_self_insertInsert the character itself into the input buffer.
bind_send_lineProcess the contents of the input buffer and reset the input buffer.
bind_stop_ircSuspend the client with SIGTSTP, returning to your shell.
bind_swap_last_windowDo a window last.
bind_swap_next_windowDo a window next.
bind_swap_previous_windowDo a window previous.
bind_switch_channelsCycle through the channels in a window.
bind_switch_queryCycle through the queries in a window.
bind_toggle_insert_modeToggle between inserting before the cursor and overwriting what is under the cursor.
bind_toggle_stop_screenDo a window hold_mode TOGGLE.
bind_transpose_charactersSwap the character the cursor is on with the character before the cursor.
bind_type_textInsert some text (provided as argument) into the input buffer.
bind_unclear_screenDo a window unclear.
bind_underlineInsert the character that toggles underline video.
bind_unstop_all_windowsDo a window hold_mode OFF in all windows.
bind_yank_from_cutbufferInsert into the input line whatever we last deleted into the cutbuffer.
blessGain access to the local variables of the oldest waiting atomic scope.
botmodeDetach from the pty run the client in the background. You are returned to your shell.
breakEarly termination of the loop; advance to the next command in the block.
callDump the current script call stack to the window.
cdChange the client's current working directory
commentThe no-op command.
continueEarly termination of the current iteration of a loop; go back to the top and start the next iteration.
deferRun a command only when the client is not doing something.
doPost-test looping command
dumpBulk-removal of aliases, assigns, ons, etc
echoDisplay something to a window.
evalExpand variables in a statement again and execute it.
execRun unix commands in a subshell.
feIterate over a word list
fecIterate over the characters in a string
forMulti-purpose looping command.
foreachIterate over aliases or assign names in a structure.
hookThrow an on hook event.
ifConditional command.
inputGet the user to answer a question with a modal prompt.
input_charGet the user to type a key with a modal prompt.
licenseDisplay the copyright and legal disclaimers.
localCreate an assign that goes away when the alias is over.
onRegister event handlers for certain types of hooks
on_actionHooked when people do me or describe.
on_channel_lostHooked when you stop being on a channel.
on_channel_nickHooked when people change their nickname.
on_channel_signoffHooked when people leave a channel.
on_channel_syncHooked when you know everything about a channel you just joined.
on_connectHooked when a server accepts you.
on_ctcpHooked when a ctcp message needs to be displayed.
on_ctcp_replyHooked when someone response to your ctcp.
on_ctcp_requestHooked when someone sends you a ctcp.
on_dcc_activityHooked when you send or receive a packet via dcc.
on_dcc_chatHooked when someone sends you a message over dcc chat.
on_dcc_connectHooked when a dcc connection starts.
on_dcc_listHooked for each dcc connection when you do dcc list.
on_dcc_lostHooked when a dcc connection ends.
on_dcc_offerHooked when you offer someone a dcc connection.
on_dcc_rawHooked when you get data from a raw socket.
on_dcc_requestHooked when someone offers you a dcc connection.
on_disconnectHooked when you're not connected to a server.
on_encrypted_noticeHooked when someone sends you an encrypted notice over irc.
on_encrypted_privmsgHooked when someone sends you an encrypted message over irc.
on_errorHooked when the server sends you an ERROR.
on_execHooked when an exec process writes to stdout.
on_exec_errorsHooked when an exec process writes to stderr.
on_exec_exitHooked whan exec process terminates.
on_exec_promptHooked when exec process writes a partial line.
on_exitHooked when the client is shutting down
on_floodHooked when the client thinks you're being flooded.
on_general_noticeHooked when you receive any kind of notice.
on_general_privmsgHooked when you receive any kind of msg.
on_hookHooked when you use the hook command.
on_idleHooked once a minute when you're not pressing keys.
on_inputHooked when you use bind send_line.
on_inviteHooked when someone invites you to a channel.
on_joinHooked when you join a channel.
on_keybindingHooked each time a keybinding is executed.
on_kickHooked when someone is kicked from a channel.
on_killHooked when someone is kicked off of irc.
on_listHooked for each line when you do list.
on_mailHooked whenever you receive new email.
on_modeHooked when someone changes the mode on a channel.
on_mode_strippedHooked once for each mode change on a channel.
on_msgHooked when someone sends you a private message.
on_msg_groupHooked when someone sends a message to everyone.
on_namesHooked for each line when you do names.
on_new_nicknameHooked when the client needs a new nickname from you.
on_nicknameHooked when someone changes nickname
on_noteHooked when someone has sent you an offline message (rare).
on_noticeHooked when someone has sent you a notice.
on_notify_signoffHooked when someone you are watching leaves irc.
on_notify_signonHooked when someone you are watching joins irc.
on_numericHooked when you receive a numeric reply from server.
on_odd_server_stuffHooked when the server sends something that can't be parsed.
on_oper_noticeHooked when the server sends a message to opers.
on_operwallHooked when someone sends a message to all opers.
on_partHooked when someone leave the channel.
on_pongHooked when the server responds to your ping request.
on_publicHooked when someone talks on a current channel.
on_public_msgHooked when someone outside the channel talks.
on_public_noticeHooked when someone sends a notice to the channel.
on_public_otherHooked when someoen talks to a non-current channel.
on_raw_ircHooked for every line we get from the server.
on_redirectHooked for each line of output being redirected back to irc.
on_send_actionHooked for every me or describe you do.
on_send_ctcpHooked for every ctcp you send out.
on_send_dcc_chatHooked for every dcc chat message you send out.
on_send_msgHooked for every msg you send to someone else.
on_send_noticeHooked for every notice you send out.
on_send_publicHooked for every msg you send to a channel.
on_send_to_serverHooked for every line you send to the server.
on_server_establishedHooked when we connect to a server, before we register.
on_server_lostHooked when we lose a server connection for any reason.
on_server_noticeHooked when the server sends you a notice.
on_server_statusHooked when the status of a server changes.
on_setHooked when you use the set command.
on_signalHooked when an OS signal is caught by the client.
on_signoffHooked when someone leaves irc.
on_silenceHooked when someone has silenced you.
on_ssl_server_certHooked when an ssl server sends us its certificate.
on_status_updateHooked every time a status bar changes.
on_switch_channelsHooked every time you change the current channel.
on_switch_windowsHooked every time you change the current window.
on_timerHooked at the top of every minute.
on_topicHooked when someone changes the topic of a channel.
on_unknown_commandHooked when you run a command that isn't builtin or an alias.
on_unloadHooked when the user does an unload.
on_wallHooked when someone does a WALL (rare).
on_wallopHooked when someone does a wallop.
on_whoHooked for each line of a who reply.
on_windowHooked for each line of output to a window.
on_window_beforekillHooked just before a window is killed.
on_window_commandHooked for each operation of a window command.
on_window_createHooked when you create a new window.
on_window_killHooked after a window has been destroyed.
on_window_notifiedHooked when a hidden window that is notifying has output.
on_window_serverHooked when a window changes its server association.
on_yellHooked when the client outputs a diagnostic message.
packageTag aliases, assigns, ons, etc, as belonging to a package group that can be unloaded later.
parsekeyExecute a keybinding by name.
pauseNonblocking sleep for a time, or until the user presses a key.
perlRun something in a perl interpreter.
popRemove the last word from a variable.
pretendPretend the server just sent the client a string.
pushAdd a word to the end of a variable.
queueAdd a command to a named queue for executing later.
quoteSend a string directly to the server.
rbindDisplay all of the sequences bound to a keybinding.
repeatExecute some commands multiple times.
returnEarly termination of the current atomic scope.
rubyRun something in a ruby interpreter.
saySay something to the current channel.
sendSay something to the current target.
sendlinePretend the user just typed this string at the input prompt.
setChange a configuration variable.
set_allow_c1_charsWhether to filter out chars 128-159 or not.
set_always_split_biggestWhether to split current window or biggest window for window new.
set_bannerThe thing to display before system messages (ie, ***)
set_banner_expandWhether to run set banner through the $-expander.
set_beepWhether to allow beeps or eat them.
set_channel_name_widthHow wide channel name should be on status bar.
set_client_informationWhat we should send back for ctcp clientinfo.
set_clockWhether to run the system clock (turning off breaks stuff!)
set_clock_24hourWhether the system clock should be 12 hour or 24 hour.
set_clock_formatWhat strftime() format to use to make the system clock.
set_clock_intervalHow often to update the system clock.
set_cmdcharsWhat characters are used before a command (ie, /)
set_comment_hackWhether to allow comments in the standard loader in the middle of lines.
set_continued_lineWhat to prefix before broken-up physical lines.
set_cpu_saver_afterTurn on cpu saver mode after this many minutes idle.
set_cpu_saver_everyPerform housekeeping this many seconds when in cpu saver mode. (Values < 60 are pointless.)
set_current_window_levelAssume the current window always owns these levels, overruling the window levels.
set_dcc_auto_send_rejectsSend a DCC REJECT to the other peer when you close a dcc.
set_dcc_dequote_filenamesDe-urlifiy filenames offered; this permits filenames with spaces.
set_dcc_long_pathnamesShow the full path, or just the filename, in dcc list.
set_dcc_sliding_windowTweak speed of dcc sends.
set_dcc_store_pathWhere to save files others offer you.
set_dcc_use_gateway_addrWhether your client is in your router's DMZ.
set_debugGet help debugging your script.
set_default_realnameThe value we send to the server for your IRCNAME
set_default_usernameThe value we sent to the server for your username
set_dispatch_unknown_commandsWhether to bother the server with your typos.
set_displayWhether to suppress output to windows.
set_do_notify_immediatelyWhether to immediately ison when changing your notify list.
set_floating_point_mathWhether to do math in floating point.
set_floating_point_precisionHow many decimal places to return for floating point numbers.
set_flood_afterHow many lines to receive before checking flooding rate
set_flood_ignoreWhether to ignore people flooding you
set_flood_maskuserHow to determine what one flooder is
set_flood_rateHow many lines per second constitutes a flood (numerator)
set_flood_rate_perHow many lines per second constitutes a flood (denominator)
set_flood_usersHow many different flooders to check
set_flood_warningWhether to outupt a message when being flooded.
set_hide_private_channelsWhether to hide the channel name on the status bar.
set_high_bit_escapeWhether to treat 8 bit chars as escape+7 bit char.
set_hold_intervalThe default window hold_interval value.
set_hold_modeThe default window hold_mode value.
set_hold_sliderThe default window hold_slider value.
set_indentWhether to indent broken lines.
set_input_promptWhat prompt to use in the input line.
set_insert_modeWhether to insert before or overwrite the char under the cursor.
set_key_intervalHow many milliseconds until ambiguous keybindings time out.
set_lastlogWhat the default window lastlog size should be.
set_lastlog_levelWhat the default window lastlog_level should be.
set_lastlog_rewriteSet a default value for LASTLOG -REWRITE
set_load_pathWhere to look for load files.
set_logWhether to write everything displayed to the global logfile.
set_log_rewriteRewrite stuff before it is written to the global logfile.
set_logfileThe default global logfile name.
set_mailHow your mail should be checked.
set_mail_intervalHow often your mail should be checked.
set_mail_typeWhat kind of mailbox you have.
set_mangle_displayHow to mangle stuff before we write it to the screen.
set_mangle_inboundHow to mangle stuff we receive from the server.
set_mangle_logfilesHow to mangle stuff we are writing to a logfile.
set_mangle_outboundHow to mangle stuff we are sending to the server.
set_metric_timeWhether to use regular (minute) or metric (milliday) units for the clock.
set_mirc_broken_dcc_resumeWhether to turn on dcc resume.
set_mode_stripperWhether to turn on on mode_stripped.
set_new_server_lastlog_levelWhat level to give a window when you do window server to a new server.
set_no_control_logWhether control character should be stripped from stuff being written to logfiles.
set_no_ctcp_floodWhether the client should ignore ctcps that come too fast.
set_no_fail_disconnectWhether the client should disconnect from server when writes fail.
set_notifyWhether the client should check occasionally for nicknames on irc.
set_notify_intervalHow often the client should check for notify nicknames.
set_notify_levelWhat the default window notify_level should be.
set_notify_on_terminationWhether to tell you that an exec process has finished.
set_notify_userhost_automaticWhether the notify system should ask for userhosts before telling you a nick is online.
set_num_of_whowasHow many whowas entries to ask the server for.
set_old_math_parserTurn on the old (legacy) math parser.
set_old_server_lastlog_levelResolve level conflicts when merging a window onto an already connected server.
set_output_rewriteHow output should be rewritten before it's displayed.
set_pad_charWhat char we should use for $[num]var expandos.
set_quit_messageWhat the default quit message should be.
set_random_sourceWhat random number generator we should use.
set_realnameWhat the realname is we send to the server when you connect.
set_screen_optionsWhat flags should be passed to gnu screen.
set_scroll_linesHow many lines the display should scroll when new output occurs in a full window.
set_scrollbackHow big the default window scrollback size is.
set_scrollback_ratioHow much (percentage) each scroll back or scroll forward moves the display
set_shellWhich shell should be used for exec
set_shell_flagsWhich flags should be passed to your shell.
set_shell_limitHow many lines of output from an exec process before we shut it down.
set_show_channel_namesWhether to show the channel roster when joining a channel.
set_show_end_of_msgsWhether to hook end-of-message events.
set_show_numericsWhether to show the numeric or set banner in numeric replies.
set_show_status_allWhether some status expandos show only in current window status or all window status.
set_show_who_hopcountWhether to show the server hopcount in who replies.
set_status_awayHow %A looks when you are away.
set_status_channelHow %C looks when you are on a channel.
set_status_chanopHow %@ looks when you are a chanop.
set_status_clockHow %T looks when the clock is on.
set_status_cpu_saverHow %L looks when cpu saver is on.
set_status_does_expandosWhether to $-expand the status format.
set_status_formatWhat the status bar should look like.
set_status_format1What the top line of double status bar should be.
set_status_format2What the bottom line of double status bar should be.
set_status_halfopWhat %@ looks like when you are a half-op
set_status_holdWhat %H looks like when youre in hold mode.
set_status_hold_linesHow many lines you're holding in hold mode.
set_status_insertWhat %I looks like when youre in insert mode.
set_status_mailWhat %M looks like when you have mail.
set_status_modeWhat %+ looks like for your channel mode.
set_status_nicknameWhat %N looks like for your nickname.
set_status_no_repeatDon't repeat the last character of status format.
set_status_noswapWhat appears when window swap is turned off.
set_status_notifyThe list of hidden windows that have output.
set_status_operWhat %* looks like if you are an irc oper.
set_status_overwriteWhat %I looks like when you're in overwite mode.
set_status_queryWhat appears when you have a query.
set_status_scrollbackWhat appears when you are in scrollback.
set_status_serverWhat the server name looks like.
set_status_ssl_offWhat appears when server does not do ssl.
set_status_ssl_onWhat appears when server does ssl.
set_status_umodeWhat your user mode looks like.
set_status_userWhat %U looks like.
set_status_voiceWhat %@ looks like when you're a channel voice.
set_status_windowWhat the window refnum looks like.
set_suppress_from_remote_serverWhether to append “(from remote.server)” when getting a server notice from a server other than your local server.
set_switch_channels_between_windowsWhether to allow switch windows to steal another window's channels.
set_term_does_bright_blinkWhether the terminal does bright blink.
set_translationWhich translation to use between your server and your terminal emulator.
set_translation_pathWhere the translation files live.
set_user_informationWhat to return for ctcp clientinfo
set_verbose_ctcpWhether to tell you if someone ctcps you.
set_word_breakWhat characters constitute breaks between words.
set_wserv_pathWhere to find the wserv program.
set_wserv_typeWhether wserv should create gnu screens or xterms.
set_xtermWhich program you use as xterm (ie, rxvt)
set_xterm_optionsWhat options you needed passed to your xterm.
setenvChange an environment variable.
shift_commandRemove the first word from a variable.
shookDispatch any arbitrary hook event.
sleepBlocking sleep of the client.
stackSave and restore copies of an alias, assign, on, set, etc
stubOn-demand loading for an alias or assign.
subpackageAdd a segment to the namespace for stuff you load.
switchMulti-path regular expression matched block statement.
tclRun some command in a tcl interpreter.
silenceServer-side ignores (not on all servers)
timerRun a command later.
typePretend the user just typed a string.
unclearPull down the scrollback so it fills the screen.
unlessReverse of if.
unloadRemove alias, assigns, ons, sets, etc from a package.
unshift_commandAdd a word to the start of a variable.
untilReverse of while.
usleepBlocking sleep of the client, less than a second.
waitNonblocking suspending of execution until previous server request finished.
whichFind the full path of a loaded file.
whileExecute a block while some expression is true.
windowManipulate the EPIC on-screen display areas known as “windows”.
window addAdd a nickname to your query list.
window backGo back to the previous current window, swapping it in if necessary.
window balanceMake all the windows the same size.
window beep_alwaysBeep even if the window is hidden.
window channelChange the current channel.
window clearScroll down so nothing shows in the window.
window createCreate a new screen.
window deleteRemove a screen you don't want any more.
window describeLet me tell you about your window.
window disconDisassociate the window from its server.
window doubleTurn on the double status bar.
window echoOutput something to the window.
window fixedForbid changing the window's size.
window flushDelete the scrollback below what you see.
window flush_scrollbackDelete the entire scrollback.
window gotoSwitch to the window, counting from the top of screen
window growIncrease the size of the window.
window hideRemove a window from the screen.
window hide_othersMake this window the only one on the screen.
window hold_intervalHow often the status bar updates when holding stuff in this window.
window hold_modeStop displaying stuff to the window, but save it in the scrollback.
window hold_sliderHow much to scroll down when you hit <enter>.
window indentOverrule set indent for this window.
window killDelete a window you don't want any more.
window kill_all_hiddenDelete all of the hidden (invisible) windows.
window kill_othersMake this the only window left for the whole client.
window killableForbid the killing of this window.
window killswapKill this window, and swap in an invisible window in its place.
window lastGo back to the previous current window, but not if it's hidden.
window lastlogHow many logical lines of output to save.
window lastlog_levelWhat levels of output should be saved to the lastlog.
window levelWhat levels of output should be sent to this window.
window listDescribe all the windows.
window logTurn on or off the window's log file.
window logfileChange the window's log filename.
window moveMove the window up or down on the screen.
window move_toMove the window to the Nth place, counting from the top of the screen.
window nameChange the window's name.
window newCreate a new window, splitting a visible window in half.
window new_hideCreate a new hidden window.
window nextSwap the current window with the hidden window with the next higher refnum.
window noservDisassociate the window from the server.
window notifiedToggle whether the window is notifying that it has output since it's been hidden.
window notifyToggle whether the window should notify you when it has output while it's hidden.
window notify_levelToggle what types of output cause the window to notify you while it's hidden.
window notify_nameWhat the window's name looks like on the status bar when it's notifying you.
window numberChange the window's refnum.
window popGo back to the window you last window pushed.
window previousSwap the current window with the hidden window with the next lower refnum.
window promptWhat the input prompt should be for this window, if we are querying an execed process.
window pushSave the current window's refnum onto a stack.
window queryChange the window's current query target.
window rebuild_scrollbackThrow away the scrollback buffer, and rebuild it from the lastlog.
window refnumChange the current window to another visible window.
window refnum_or_swapChange the current window to another visible window, swapping it in if necessary.
window refreshRedraw the window.
window rejoinJoin a channel on a window's server, putting it in whichever window claims it.
window removeRemove a nick from the window's query list.
window scrolladjWhether to insert space at the bottom, or pull scrollback back down from the top when a window grows in size.
window scrollbackHow big the window's scrollback buffer should be.
window scroll_backwardGo back some number of lines in scrollback.
window scroll_endGo to the end (newest) of the scrollback.
window scroll_forwardGo forward some number of lines in scrollback.
window scroll_startGo to the start (oldest) of the scrollback.
window search_backGo backwards in scrollback to find a string.
window search_forwardGo forwards in scrollback to find a string.
window serverChange which server this window is associated with.
window showMake a hidden window visible (by splitting a visible window)
window show_allMake all hidden windows visible (by splitting visible windows)
window shrinkMake a window smaller
window sizeSet the window size to an absolute value.
window skipCan bind next_window move to this window?
window stackShow the refnums saved on the stack.
window status_formatThe status line for a single line status bar.
window status_format1The bottom line of a double line status bar.
window status_format2The top line of a double line status bar.
window status_specialWhat %. should be on this window's status bar.
window swapMake this window invisible, and make a hidden window visible, taking its place.
window swappableChange you change the visibility of this window? (Ie, hide a visible window)
window toplineHow many toplines show in this window?
window toplinesChange one of the window's toplines.
window unclearPush down the scrollback so it's visible in the window.
xdebugChange some internal debugging flags.
xechoOutput to a window, with flags
xevalRun some commands, with flags.
xquoteSend a string to the server, with flags.
xtypeType some text, with flags.


absAbsolute Value of number
acosArc Cosine of number
acoshInverse Hyperbolic Cosine of number
afterReturn string after a character
afterwReturn words in list after a word.
aliasctlLow level manipulation on aliases and assigns.
asciiConvert strings to codepoints (numbers).
asciiqConvert url-encoded strings to codepoints.
asinArc Sine of number
asinhInverse Hyperbolic Sine of number
atanArctangent of number
atanhInverse Hyperbolic Sine of number.
b64decodeConvert Base64 into a string.
b64encodeCovnert a string into Base64.
beforeReturn string before a character.
beforewReturn words in list before a word.
bindctlLow level manipulation of keybindings.
builtin_expandoCall a builtin-expando directly.
ceilCeiling of number
centerPad a string with spaces to center it.
cexistDoes a command exist?
chanmodeWhat is the mode of a channel?
channelSummarize users on channel (op, voice, nick)
chanusersWho is on a channel?
chanwinWhat window is this channel in?
chmodChange a file's permissions.
chngwChange a word in a word list.
chopRemove chars from end of string.
chopsWho is a chanop on a channel?
chrConvert codepoints (numbers) into strings.
chrqConvert codepoints (numbers) into url-encoded strings.
cipherWhat cipher is the (ssl) server connection using?
closeClose an open file.
cofilterReturn words from 2nd variable, based on which words in 1st variable aren't matched by a pattern.
commonReturn words common to two word lists.
connectEstablish a dcc raw socket connection.
convertConvert a hostname to paddr, or paddr to hostname.
copatternReturn words from 2nd variable, based on which words in 1st variable are matched by a pattern.
corfilterReturn words from 2nd variable, based on which patterns in 1st variable don't match a string.
corpatternReturn words from 2nd variable, based on which patterns in 1st variable match a string.
cosCosine of number.
coshHyperbolic Cosine of number.
countCount the number of instances of character in string.
cparseConvert markup codes into color codes.
cryptEncrypt a string with crypt(3) (ie, DES)
curcmdThe current ircII command or alias that is running.
curposWhere the cursor is in $L (the input line)
currchansAll current channels for the server.
dbmctlExternal hash table support.
dccctlLow level manipulation of your dccs.
decodeRecover a string passed to encode.
delarrayDelete an entire Karll array.
delitemRemove an item from a Karll array by item number.
delitemsRemove items from a Karll array by item numbers.
deuhcRemove the wildcard part of a nick!user@host string.
diffReturn the words that exist only in one of two word lists.
encodeConvert any string into something you can use in a variable name.
encryptparmReturn info about one of your crypt sessions.
eofIs the open file at end-of-file?
epicReturns 1, because you're using epic!
execRun a unix command in a subshell, returning three open fds.
expExponent operation (x ** y)
ferrorDoes the open file have an error condition?
fexistDoes a filename exist?
filterReturn all words that don't match a pattern.
finditemThe item number of any instance of an item in a Karll array.
finditemsThe item number of all instances of an item in a Karll array.
findwReturn the first word index of a word in a list.
findwsReturn all of the word indexes of a word in a list.
fix_arglistConvert a string into something you can use as an arglist to an alias or on.
floodinfoGet information about floods being tracked.
floorLargest integral number less than or equal to number.
fnexistDoes a built in function exist?
frewindReset an open file back to the beginning.
fromwReturn a words in a list starting with a word.
fseekChange the read/write position of an open file.
fsizeHow many bytes big is a file?
fskipSkip lines in an open file.
ftellWhere in an open file am I?
ftimeWhen was a file last modified? (mtime)
ftruncateDelete the contents of a file, but not the file itself.
functioncallIs this alias being called as a function or as a command?
geomWhat is the size of the screen?
getarraysGet the name of all active Karll arrays.
getcapLow-level capability information.
getcommandsPattern match command names.
getenvGet an environment variable.
getfunctionsPattern match function names.
getgidWhat is my primary user group? (GID)
getitemGet an item number from a Karll array.
getloginWhat username am I running under?
getmatchesA word list of all item numbers that match in a Karll array of strings.
getoptProcess command line arguments.
getpgrpWhat process group am I in?
getrmatchesA word list of all item numbers that match in a Karll array of patterns.
getserialGet a serial number that isn't in use.
getsetGet the value of a set.
getsetsPattern match set names.
gettmatchReturn the best item match from a Karll array.
getuidWhat is my user id? (UID)
globPattern match filenames.
globiPattern match filenames, case insensitively.
hash_32bitConvert a string to a 32 bit integer.
hookctlLow-level manipulation of your ons.
idleHow many seconds since a key was last pressed? (Same as $E)
ifindfirstReturn the first item number of an item in a Karll array.
ifinditemThe index number of the first instance of an item in a Karll array.
ifinditemsThe index number of all instances of an item in a Karll array.
igetitemGet an index number from a Karll array.
igetmatchesA word list of all index numbers that match in a Karll array of strings.
igetrmatchesA word list of all index numbers that match in a Karll array of patterns.
ignorectlLow-level manipulation of your ignores.
indexReturn the position of a char in a string.
indextoitemConvert a Karll array index number to an item number.
indextowordWhat word in list contains the 'index'th character?
infoReturn structured information about the client.
insertInsert a word into a string at the “index”th character.
insertwInsert a word into a list.
iptolongConvert a p-addr to a 32 bit long integer (for dcc).
iptonameResolve the canonical hostname of a p-addr.
irclibWhere is the standard irc library directory?
isalphaDoes this string start with an a-z A-Z character?
isawayAm I away on a server?
ischannelIs this a valid channel name on a server?
ischanopIs this person a chanop (+o) on a channel?
ischanvoiceIs this person a channel voice (+v) on a channel?
isconnectedAm I registered to this server?
iscurchanIs this channel a current channel on this server?
isdigitDoes this string start with a digit?
isdisplayingIs output being suppressed (ie, with ^)?
isencryptedAm I connected to this server using ssl?
isfilevalidCan I use this fd in file manipulation functions?
ishalfopIs this person a channel half-op (+h) on a channel?
isnumberIs this string a number that is valid in this base?
itemtoindexConvert a Karll array item number to an index number.
jnBessel function of the first kind of the order N. Um, yea.
joinstrCreate a word list by joining words in each of 2 variables.
jotCreate a list of numbers, suitable for iterating over.
json_errorReturn error string set by the last call to json_explode.
json_explodeParse a JSON string and expand it into an assign variable structure.
json_implodeSerialise an assign variable structure into a JSON string.
keyWhat is the channel key of a channel?
killpidKill a unix process.
lastlogSearch the lastlog and return matching lines as values I can pass to line.
leftReturn the first N characters of a string.
leftpcReturn the longest initial part of the string that contains N printable characters.
leftwReturn the first N words of a word list.
levelctlLow-level manipulation of window/lastlog/flood/ignore levels.
levelwindowWhich window owns this level?
lineReturn a line from the lastlog.
listarrayDescribe the contents of a Karll array.
listenOpen a server tcp socket.
loadinfoWhat file is loading right now?
logNatural logarithm of a number.
log10Base-10 logarithm of a number.
logctlLow-level manipulation of logfiles.
longtoipConvert a 32 bit integer (from DCC) into a p-addr.
maskNormalize a string into a nick!user@host pattern for banning.
matchReturn the string that is best matched by a pattern.
matchitemThe item number of the best string match in a Karll array.
maxlenReturn the strlen of the longest word in list.
metric_timeReturn the current time in (days, millidays)
midReturn a substring of a string.
midwReturn a subset of the words in a list.
mkdirMake a directory.
mktimeConvert (Year, to a time.
msarMultiple Search And Replace on a string.
mychannelsWhat channels am I on this server?
myserversWhat severs am I connected to?
nametoipConvert a hostname to its canonical p-addr (ip address)
nochopsWho is not a channel operator?
nohighlightConvert highlight characters to reverse chars, the way it's done on the input prompt.
notifyLow level manipulation of your notifies.
notifywindowsWhich hidden windows are notifying they have output?
notwRemove a word from a list.
numarraysHow many Karll arrays are active?
numitemsThe number of items in a Karll array.
numlinesHow many lines on the display would this string take up if you echod it?
numonchannelHow many people are on the channel>
numsortSort a string, honoring numerical order.
numwordsHow many words are in this word list?
onchannelIs this person on the channel?
openOpen a file for reading or writing.
outputinfoWhat is the current output target and output level?
padAdd chars to a string to make it a certain length.
passRemove all but certain characters from a string.
patternReturn all words from list that are matched by pattern.
perlRun some code in perl.
perlcallCall a perl function (simple form)
perlxcallCall a perl function (advanced form)
pidWhat is the process id?
popRemove the last word from a variable.
ppidWhat is my parent's process id?
prefixWhat is the common leading substring on all of the words in a list?
printlenHow many columns on the screen does this string take up?
pushAdd a word to the end of a variable.
querywinWhich window claims this nick as a query?
qwordGet a word from a list as a qword (so it can be used as a dword)
randGet a random number.
randreadRead a random line from a file.
readRead a line from an open file.
realpathWhat is the canonical pathname for this file?
regcompCompile a regular expression.
regcomp_csCompile a regular expression, case insensitively.
regerrorDid this regular expression fail?
regexecMatch a compiled regular expression against a string.
regfreeRelease a compiled regular expression.
regmatchesMatch a compiled regular expression against a string, returning all backreferences.
remwRemove a certain word from a word list.
remwsRemove several certain words from a word list.
renameRename a file.
repeatRepeat a string several times.
restReturn a string starting with a certain character position.
restwReturn a word list starting with a certain word.
reverseReverse the order of characters in a string.
revwReverse the order of words in a string.
rfilterReturn all of the patterns from a list that don't match a string.
rightReturn the last few characters in a string.
rightwReturn the last few words in a word list.
rindexReturn the character position of the last instance of a char in a string.
rmatchReturn the best pattern from a list that matches a string.
rmatchitemThe item number of the best pattern in a Karll array.
rmdirRemove a directory.
rpatternReturn all of the patterns from a list that matches a string.
rsubstrFind the last instance of a substring in a larger string.
rubyRun some code using ruby.
sarSearch And Replace a string in a larger string.
sedcryptCrypt/Decrypt a string as though sending it to a person.
serverctlLow-level manipulation of servers.
serverwinWhat is the current window for a server?
servportsReturn the remote and local portnum for a server connection.
setitemSet an item in a Karll Array.
sha256SHA256 message digest of a string (Strong crypto hashing).
shiftRemove the first word from a variable.
shiftbraceRemove and return the {…} at the start of a variable.
sinSine of number.
sinhHyperbolic Sine of number.
sortSort a word list case insensitively.
spliceRemove some words, and insert new words, into a word list.
splitConvert characters to spaces in a string.
srandSeed the random number generator.
sslWas this client compiled with ssl support?
startupfileWhat file did the client load at startup?
statReturn info about a file.
statusGet the status bar.
stimeHuman readable form of the time.
strftimeFormat the current time any way you want.
strptimeConvert a string into a unix timestamp.
stripRemove characters from a string.
stripansiConvert codepoints 14-33 except 15 and 22 in a string to “safe” codepoints.
stripansicodesThe same as $stripcrap(NORMALIZE $*)
stripcThe same as $stripcrap(COLOR $*)
stripcrapMangle a string.
strlenThe number of characters in a string.
strtolConvert a baseN number to base10, 2 ⇐ N ⇐ 36.
substrFind a substring in a larger string.
symbolctlLow level manipulation of aliases, assigns, builtin commands, builtin functions, builtin expandos, and builtin variables (sets).
tanTangent of number.
tanhHyperbolic Tangent.
tclRun some code using tcl.
tdiffNumber converted to hours-minutes-seconds (long form)
tdiff2Number converted to hours-minutes-seconds (short form)
timeWhat is the current time, in whole seconds?
timerctlLow-level manipulation of timers.
tobaseConvert a base10 number to another base.
tolowerConvert a string to lowercase.
toupperConvert a string to uppercase.
towReturn a word list up to and including a word.
trChange characters in a string.
truncRound a floating point numbers to a certain number of decimal places.
ttynameWhat tty am I using?
twiddleExpand a pathnames that contains a ~ for homedirs.
uhcConvert a string into a full nick!user@host format.
umaskChange the default umask for newly created files.
unameTell me about the unix I'm using.
uniqRemove duplicates from a word list.
unlinkRemove a file.
unshiftAdd a string to the start of a string.
unsplitConvert a dword list into a uword list using a seperator.
urldecodeConvert a string from url format into normal.
urlencodeConvert a string into url format.
userhostWhat is the userhost of a nickname or current message?
usermodeWhat is my usermode?
usetitemSet an item in a Karll array (faster)
utimeWhat is the current time, including usec?
versionWhat is the server version?
whichPath search for a file.
winchanTranslate between current channel and window refnum.
windowctlLow-level manipulation of windows.
wordGet a word from a word list.
wordtoindexWhich index position does this word start at?
writeWrite a line to an open file.
writebWrite some binary data to an open file.
xdebugManipulate the xdebug flags.
xformTransform a string from one form to another.
ynBessel function of the second kind for integer order n.


2.8scriptFull featured join/leave aliases, and an on 367 handler.
activityAn example of how to use generalized activity handling.
addsetCreate and destroy your own sets.
altchanImplement <alt>-<number> window switching like bx.
autogetControl what kinds of dcc gets you want to auto-get.
autojoinAutomatically join channels when you (re-)connect to server.
autoqueryAutomatically create a new querywin when someone msgs you.
builtinsTop-level script for compatability with EPIC4. Must load!
chanmonitorDisplays output of non-current channels in hidden windows to a special visible window.
commandqueuesTime-delay processing queues.
countryConvert between country codes and country names.
data_arrayThis is a work in progress.
data_structThis is a work in progress.
dcc_portsSpecify a port range to be used automatically for DCCs
debug.ircAliases to help you debug/tune your script.
dumpSimulate the dump command from EPIC4.
edit_topicEdit the topic of the current channel.
epic-crypt-gpgA shell script to use with crypt.
epic-crypt-gpg-aaA shell script to use with crypt.
filesExamples of what you can do with open files.
floodprotImplement outbound flood protection.
functionsSome utility commands and aliases.
globalThe script you should load in your epicrc.
grepAn example of how to grep a file with open.
guhA few aliases for userhost, ison, and channels.
helpPeruse the old style help files.
highlightImlement something like the old “highlight ignores”.
historyCommand history. Must load!
hold_modeFully enable ircII-like hold mode behavior.
isonLow-level interface to the ison queue.
lessPeruse a file page by page.
less-pipePeruse an exec process output page by page.
loadformatsA theming facility.
local.exampAn example of the local customization file.
mailCheck multiple mboxes at once.
manA front end to the old help command.
mapA client-side implementation of the map command.
meta-compatBackwards compatability for scripts that bound META keybindings.
motd_scriptA client side message-of-the-day script.
netsplitHandle netsplits and netjoins without flooding your screen.
newawayOnly see other people's away messages once.
newnickAutomatically generate new nicknames when server requires you to change your nickname.
nickcompAutomatic nickname completion for channel text.
nopasteProhibit accidental paste flooding.
notifyA scripted implementation of notify
pasteAllow a special paste mode for paste flooding.
pipeImplement the function pipe that returns the output from an exec command.
reconnectAutomatically reconnect to servers when disconnected.
renumberAutomatically renumber your window refnums so there are no gaps.
revdccReverse dcc for those behind a firewall.
saveSave your settings to a file you can load later.
scanSummarize the current channel.
screenSwitch between windows like gnu screen does.
setmailSupport multiple status formats for mail.
slowcatDump a file to current target, very slowly.
snipRemove substrings from the start or end of a string.
spingPing a server.
suppressmotdDon't be bothered with the server's motd.
tabkey.ceCrazyeddy's and Fudd's tabkey script.
tabkey.jmJm's tabkey script.
utimeFunctions for manipulating utimes.

Special Topics

about_epicInformation about the EPIC project and software.
arglistHow alias argument lists look and work.
arraysHow Karll arrays work.
atomic_scopeAtomic scope and local variables.
blockThe basis of ircII syntax is the block.
command_lineWhat options can I pass at the command line?
commands_overviewWhat are all the commands?
compile_optsHow can I tell what options were set at compiled time?
copyrightWhat is the copyright and license for the client?
debuggingHow do I debug my script?
default_keybindingsInformation about what BIND -DEFAULT does
disambiguationA template file we use for disambiguation pages.
environment_variablesWhat environment variables does EPIC honor?
etiquetteHow should I behave on irc?
expando_substitutionHow do $'s get expanded?
expandosEven more about how $'s get expanded.
expressionsHow math expressions work.
flood_controlHow does flood control work?
functions_overviewWhat are the built in functions?
glossaryThis is a work in progress.
graphics_charsHow to use alternate character set to echo box chars
input_handlingHow the client handles your keypresses.
introductionA crash course on using irc.
ipv6Things you need to know about using ipv6.
ircii_syntaxHow the ircII language works.
ircuserWhy can't I just set my username to anything I want?
karll_arraysWhat karll arrays are and how they work.
key_bindingsHow you can represent keybindings.
levelsAll about window/lastlog/ignore/flood levels.
lvalAbout lvalues, things you can assign values to (variable names)
mangle_typesAll about removing highlights in strings.
math_operatorsAll operators and their priority and associativity
memory_usageWhat causes high memory usage and what you can do about it.
new_userA crash course to the absolute beginner to irc.
output-helpHow the client sends output to your emulator.
pass-through_commandCommands that are set to the server directly.
patternsHow wildcard pattern matching works.
pf_loaderAll about using the pf (pre-formatted) loader.
programmingA crash course in ircII programming.
quoting_hellWhat is quoting hell and how do I make it work for me?
random_numbersHow the client generates random numbers.
regexHow regular expressions work in EPIC.
referring_to_serversHow am I allowed to refer to servers?
rules_about_number_argumentsHow numbers passed to built-in functions are handled.
securityThinking about security in your script.
serial_numbersHow serial numbers work for on hooks.
server_descriptionWhat constitutes a server description?
server_listHow to build your own server list file.
server_numericsHow the client handles server numerics.
server_stateAll about the various server status states.
signalsSignals that the client handles and what they do.
space_characterWhat constitutes a space character?
special_varsInfo about $ expandos, and a list of the inline expandos.
standard_loaderAll about using the std (standard) loader.
startThis file!
status_lineAll you need to know about the status bar.
text_hilightBold, and Underline, and Color, and Reverse, oh my!
using_perlWhat you need to know to use perl.
using_symbolctlCreate your own sets, command completion, other neat stuff
welcomeWelcome to EPIC!
what_is_a_wordWhen something is a “word”, what does that mean?
window_activity_handlingHow hidden windows decide when to tell you they have output.
window_targetsWhat is a “target” and how do windows use them?


Non-existent stuff

These things exist in EPIC4, but they don't in EPIC5. I need to do some work to point you in the right direction for replacements for these things. Many of the functions previously built in now live in the builtins script.

Help files exist for non-existent scripts

Help files exist for non-existent commands

bind_command_completionCommand completion handled by tabkey scripts
bind_backward_historyImplemented by history script.
bind_forward_historyImplemented by history script.
bind_shove_to_historyImplemented by history script.
byeUse quit instead.
set_alt_charsetUse set mangle_display instead.
set_auto_new_nickUse the newnick script instead.
set_auto_reconnectImplemented by reconnect script.
set_auto_reconnect_delayImplemented by reconnect script.
set_auto_rejoinImlpemented by builtins.
set_auto_rejoin_connectHandled differently by reconnect script.
set_auto_rejoin_delayImplemented by builtins.
set_auto_unmark_awayImplemented by builtins.
set_auto_whowasImplemented by builtins.
set_bad_styleThis was never implemented.
set_beep_maxThe client only ever beeps once anyways.
set_beep_on_msgThe builtins script implements this.
set_beep_when_awayThe builtins script implements this.
set_blink_videoUse set mangle_display instead.
set_bold_videoUse set mangle_display instead.
set_colorUse set mangle_display instead.
set_command_modeImplemented by builtins.
set_connect_timeoutObsoleted by nonblocking connects.
set_dcc_timeoutImplemented by builtins.
set_display_ansiUse set mangle_display instead.
set_display_pc_charactersThe client no longer supports non-8-bit terminals.
set_eight_bit_charactersThe client no longer supports non-8-bit terminals.
set_full_status_lineImplemented by builtins.
set_help_pagerImplemented by help script.
set_help_pathImplemented by help script.
set_help_promptImplemented by help script.
set_help_windowImplemented by help script.
set_highlight_charUse set mangle_display instead.
set_historyImplemented by the history script.
set_history_circleqImplemented by the history script.
set_input_aliasesAn obsolete setting.
set_inverse_videoUse set mangle_display instead.
set_max_reconnectsAn obsolete setting.
set_meta_statesAn obsolete setting.
set_nd_space_maxThere was never a point to this.
set_notify_handlerAn obsolete setting.
set_random_local_portsAn obsolete setting.
set_reverse_status_lineImplemented by builtins.
set_scrollAn obsolete setting.
set_securityAn obsolete setting.
set_ssl_certfileThis was never impelmented.
set_ssl_keyfileThis was never impelmented.
set_ssl_pathThis was never impelmented.
set_status_truncate_rhsThis feature never really worked.
set_suppress_server_motdImplemented by the suppressmotd script.
set_switch_channel_on_partChannel stacking makes this a moot feature.
set_tabThere was never a point to this.
set_tab_maxThere was never a point to this.
set_underline_videoUse set mangle_display instead.
window_bindAuto-rejoin feature no longer built-in
window_unbindAuto-rejoin feature no longer built-in
window_scratchAn obsolete operation. All windows are scratch windows.
window_scrollAn obsolete operation. All windows are scrollable.

Help files exist for non-existent functions

fabsUse abs instead.
getppidThis was a mistake; the function is pid.
igmaskUse ignorectl instead.
igtypeUse ignorectl instead.
lastserverUse serverctl instead.
rigmaskUse ignorectl instead.
rigtypeUse ignorectl instead.
servergroupUse serverctl instead.
servernameUse serverctl instead.
servernickUse serverctl instead.
servernumUse serverctl instead.
serverournameUse serverctl instead.
servertypeUse serverct instead.
winboundAuto-rejoin feature no longer built-in
wincursorlineUse windowctl instead.
winlevelUse windowctl instead.
winlineUse windowctl instead.
winnamUse windowctl instead.
winnicklistUse windowctl instead.
winnumUse windowctl instead.
winqueryUse windowctl instead.
winrefsUse windowctl instead.
winscreenUse windowctl instead.
winscrollbacksizeUse windowctl instead.
winservUse windowctl instead.
winsizeUse windowctl instead.
winstatsizeUse windowctl instead.
winvisibleUse windowctl instead.

The end!

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